Our Mission at Crash Cube

Space is becoming more accessible than ever with the proliferation of CubeSatellites as an educational tool for student engineers.

Even though the cost has been greatly reduced since the first CubeSat was launched more than 20 years ago, getting a student-run satellite project off the ground (both metaphorically and literally) can still be a huge challenge. It can be difficult to jump in without having an experienced hand to help guide your way, and even then, much of the information you need to get your project going isn’t taught in university courses or available on Wikipedia.

We’ve found that information on many of the topics needed to build an amateur satellite can be difficult to find, and even when it can be found it’s often hidden behind paywalls in academic journals and expensive textbooks full of confusing terminology that isn’t explained well.

Crash Cube is a centrally maintained repository of technical information related to all aspects of amateur satellite analysis, from structures and thermal to power systems to communication, and everything in between. We’re doing the work of collecting everything you’ll need to get your satellite into space into one place, verifying its accuracy, and explaining it in plain language so you understand not just how to do it, but why.

Most importantly, this site is and always will be non-profit and available to all, free of charge.

– Ian

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